What’s a Hi-Ougi?How do I perform them?

January 24, 2008 at 6:16 pm (Video Games)

A Hi-ougi is a very powerful tech that includes a facial cut in of the character using it. There are only 3 Hi-Ougi’s in the US version. They are Lloyd’s Falcon’s Crest, Genis’s Indignation Judgment, and Colette’s Holy Judgment. Here’s how you perform them:

Lloyd’s Falcon’s Crest: You must have the Eternal Swordsman title(It DOESN’T have to be equppied), you must equip the Material Blade, and you need to be in red health(16% health left). Then press Attack(Default A), Tech(Default B) and Block(Default X). An easy way to get the button sequence down is to hold guard and press and hold attack. When you are guarding again, press tech. Falcon’s Crest follows the same rules as any other intermediate or advanced level spell, which means you can only have one intermediate or advanced level spell active on the field at a time. If another one of your characters is using such a spell, you must wait for it to end before you can use Falcon’s Crest.

Genis’s Indignation Judgment: You must have used Indignation at least 50 times and you need to be in overlimit. Then cast it and Genis will have a white circle under him. If you have the Spell Charge EX Skill, you can use two Indignation Judgments per one overlimit. Simply charge the first one, then start casting Indignation before the overlimit ends. Have Genis do a physical attack to unleash the charged Indignation Judgment.

Colette’s Holy Judgment: You must have used Holy Song and Judgment at least 50 times each. Cast either one and it will RANDOMLY happen.If you use Holy Song and the word “Target” doesn’t appear above Colette’s status picture, then it’s Holy Judgment. If you cast Judgment,you won’t know until she finishes casting. You can keep casting Holy Song and canceling it if the target icon appears until you get Holy Judgment, but it may still take a while.


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